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Heated Trailers

Protect your non-perishable loads from freezing. We can ship your goods anytime, anywhere, in any cold and freezing weather using our heated trailers!

Our Advantage

Art Logistics, Inc. specializes in hauling various non-perishable freight throughout the United States servicing customers of all sizes. From hot-shots and dry vans to oversized flatbeds, we have the equipment, an extensive expertise and experience to move your load the right way.

We are competitive

Our first hand pricing reflects the low costs we continuously achieve through diligent, in-house fleet maintenance, experienced dispatchers, and the general economy of scale.

We Are Safe

Our drivers have approximately 1% incident rate and have a stellar record in random drug testing. All trailers are under 3 years old. Overall, our well maintained equipment has less than 1% failure rate. We carry cargo insurance of $250,000 – twice the industry average.

We are on Time

Over 98% of our pickups and deliveries are on time. This figure includes events outside of our control such as extreme weather.

We are Flexible

We can tailor your routine shipments or handle emergency requests any day or night. Our services address all dry-goods transportation needs, from small loads to large, heavy equipment moves.

We will make it right for you. Get a quick quote or call us.