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Art Logistics, Inc. hauls over 1,575 tons every week. We service customers requiring local deliveries as well as ones shipping across the U.S. However, our beginnings were humble. In fact, we began from the ground up.

Art Logistics, Inc. came to life on July 10, 2003 in a spacious basement of a home in Villa Park, IL. Initially our tiny fleet consisted of two Volvo trucks and two drivers. However, by the time we were one year old, our ranks grew to two dispatchers, nine Volvo rigs and just as many drivers. To accommodate the more intense operations, that same summer we moved to a single dock warehouse in nearby Elmhurst.

Our Dispatch Team Art Logistics, Inc. was on to a good start.

The next four years marked our continued rapid growth. By 2008 we registered in our name a total of 37 tractors, 52 trailers, and 3 Sprinters. Additionally, over 24 owner operators joined our ranks. Our warehouse capacity grew from 1 to 30 dock doors at our new location in Addison, IL.

Today Art Logistics, Inc. is of the right size and experience to provide exceptional, one stop shipping services for customers of all sizes. Our on-duty dispatchers are reachable day or night. Our fleet services docks anywhere in the U.S. And we consistently deliver safely on time and on budget.

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